Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Reasons for Sleeping & Waking Up Early.

晚上9-11点 :为免疫系统(淋巴)排毒时间,此段时间应安静或听音乐
Evening at 9 - 11pm : is the time for eliminating unnecessary/toxic chemicals (detoxification) from the antibody system (lymph nodes). This time duration should be spent by relaxing or listening to music.. If during this time a housewife is still in an unrelaxed state such as washing the dishes or monitoring children doing their homework, this will have a negative impact on health.

晚间11-凌晨1点 : 肝的排毒,需在熟睡中进行。
Evening at 11pm - 1am : is the detoxification process in the liver, and ideally should be done in a deep sleep state.

凌晨1-3点 : 胆的排毒,亦同,需在熟睡中进行。。
Early morning 1 - 3am : detoxification process in the gall, also ideally done in a deep sleep state.

凌晨3-5点 : 肺的排毒。此即为何咳嗽的人在这段时间咳得最剧烈,因排毒动作已走到肺;不应用止咳药,以免抑制废积物的排除。
Early morning 3 - 5am : detoxification in the lungs. Therefore there will sometimes be a severe cough for cough sufferers during this time. Since the detoxification process had reached the respiratory tract, there is no need to take cough medicine so as not to interfere with toxin removal process.

凌晨5-7点 : 大肠的排毒,应上厕所排便。
Morning 5 - 7am : detoxification in the colon, you should empty your bowel.

早上7-9点 : 小肠大量吸收营养的时段,应吃早餐。 疗病者最好早吃,在6点半前,养生者在7点半前,不吃早餐者应改变习惯,即使拖到9、10点吃都比不吃好。
Morning 7 - 9am : absorption of nutrients in the small intestine, you should be having breakfast at this time. Breakfast should be earlier, before 6:30am, for those who are sick.. Breakfast before 7:30am is very beneficial to those wanting to stay fit. Those who always skip breakfast, they should change their habits, and it is still better to eat breakfast late until 9 - 10am rather than no meal at all.

Sleeping so late and waking up too late will disrupt the process of removing unnecessary chemicals. Aside from that, midnight to 4:00 am is the time when the bone marrow produces blood. Therefore, have a good sleep and don't sleep late.


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